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Answers To Your Bible Questions — Second Edition

Released 12/31/2017

This book, Answers to Your Bible Questions, is a wide-ranging exploration of various subjects of the Bible, designed to teach new information and understanding of God's word to the beginning student of Christ who desires to become a child of God and also help the reader who is already walking with God how to maintain his relationship.

Comprised of thirty-one (31) lessons, each which leads logically to the next.

Do you desire a greater understanding of God's Word so you can apply the spiritual lessons learned thousands of years ago to your own life? Designed for both beginning and mature students of God, Answers to Your Bible Questions freely explores thirty-one lessons on wide-ranging and significant biblical subjects, encouraging new dialogue about old ways of thinking.

Minister Wesley Walker includes specific supportive Scriptures in each lesson that answer the most common Bible study questions and provide a valuable outline for Bible study group leaders.

Chapter summaries explore such topics as:

If you are searching for direction on how to build and maintain a lasting relationship with God, Answers to Your Bible Questions will educate and guide you toward a fulfilling life in Christ by illuminating God's Word and providing the understanding and answers you seek.

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